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Mandatory Maintenance

When you make a major purchase such as a new air conditioning unit, furnace, or car, you had better believe you are going to do the necessary maintenance on it! The money you spent on that purchase requires at least an effort at making it last for years and years. Let Frye’s Refrigeration and HVAC LLC maintain your new equipment for optimal performance.

To be truthful, maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your equipment. You see, while not only performing the factory-specified upkeep and sustaining the warranties, regular maintenance gives our technicians an opportunity to look at the inner workings of the units for anything unusual. If we see some wear on a part, for instance, we will know that something has malfunctioned or is about to break and we can address the problem before a major issue arises.

Frye’s also gets the chance to inspect not only the mechanisms in the unit, but also to clean the unit. Think of all the dust in your house, well your furnace or air conditioning unit is a dust magnet! Regular cleaning is essential for the longevity of your system. Contact Frye’s Refrigeration and HVAC LLC today to schedule your mandatory maintenance!